Butcher Boy FMBG 1100 Frozen Meat Block Grinder

Catalog No.: 0129
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Stainless steel construction
Electrical: 208/230/460V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø, 100 HP
TEFC motor conforms to NEMA specifications

Motor controls:
Standard equipment
Grinder shipped with starter, overload protection and stop start station
User to supply over current protection

Cutting group:
Made of hot dipped tin plated steel
Stainless steel not recommended because of the pressures generated grinding frozen product

Grinding capacity:
Approximately 15,000 pounds per hour through a 1" plate

Spurt guard
Spanner wrench
Parts/operation manual

No contamination:
A non-pressurized area with drain slots between the bearing housing and the grinder’s hopper prevent lubricants from entering the food zone

Power Transmission:
Gearbox is carefully selected to with stand the shock and high torsion loads developed when grinding frozen product
Supplied with a separate bearing housing equipped with oversize tapered roller bearings
These bearing take up the high thrust loads developed when grinding frozen product

Primarily used as a first grind grinder for tempered frozen blocks
Slow speed, high torque characteristics of the FMBG make it unsuitable for efficiently grinding fresh meat

Block lift
Different extension hoppers
Bone collection systems