About Us

Butcher Boy Machines International LLC was recently formed and purchased the assets of the Butcher Boy brand in Selmer, TN.

The new Butcher Boy organization is committed to bringing back the great name that Butcher Boy has held in the food processing industry with many of the largest brands. Food processing plants and slaughter houses around the world know the Butcher Boy reputation.

Many restaurants, grocery stores, meat markets and butcher shops respect the Butcher Boy brand, in business since 1927.

The brand name “Butcher Boy” came about from the name people used to call the butchers helpers.

The new Butcher Boy Machine Company will develop quality machines that are easy to operate, easy to maintain and clean and safe to use.

The new Butcher Boy Machine Company is dedicated to producing high quality “Genuine” Butcher Boy parts. Please contact us to see if your machine is still being supported by genuine Butcher Boy parts.

We are interested in establishing a strong dealer and master distributor program around the world for the new Butcher Boy brand machines and genuine Butcher Boy parts. If you currently sell and service machines for the restaurant, grocery store, meat processing or food processing industry, please feel free to contact us at: contact@butcherboymachinesllc.com

Factory Location

  • Butcher Boy Machines International LLC
    640 Mulberry Avenue
    Selmer, TN 38375
    Toll-Free: 800-237-5806
    Main Phone: 731-434-1012
    Fax: 731-645-6056