Butcher Boy AU-52 10 HP Grinding Motor Automatic Feed Grinder

Catalog No.: 1693
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2 Year limited warranty
AU52 machine uses a 52-size plate (5" barrel, 5 1/8" plate)
Grinding capacity: +/- 7000 lb per hour (using a ½” hole plate)
Fully automatic feed, high output grinder for fresh or tempered meat
Hopper capacity: 175 lb (350 lbs with extension hopper)
Alan Bradley safety switches
UL certified electronics
O/A dims.: 56 L x 22⅜ W x 55½" H
Electrical: 230V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø

Made in America

Stainless steel:
Frame and body
Feed paddle
Feed box and cover
Cutting group (feed screw, bowl, ring)

The interior of the tub is smooth stainless steel
Start/Stop button

Easily removed moving parts without tools:
Feed paddle assembly
Conveyor feed screw
Grinder feed screw

One grinding plate and knife determined by the customer at the time of purchase
#1 hopper with safety grid hinged on side (O/A dims.: 56 L x 25 W x 85” H)
Adjustable legs
Spurt guard
Spanner wrench
Parts list and instruction manual

The machine is supplied with complete electrics for voltage specified at time of order
Easy cleaning

Lid cover
Various hoppers
Conveyor for easy loading
Platform steps for operator to hand load machine