Butcher Boy 500-56 Meat Mixer Grinder

Catalog No.: 0130
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Stainless steel construction
Stainless steel cutting group: #56 (8-5/8") head, feed screw, feed box, knife/plate ring
Watertight start/stop stations
Adjustable mixer timer
TEFC motor conforms to NEMA specifications
Heavy-duty gear box
Non-magnetic stainless paddles and conveyor screw
Built to USDA certification

Allen-Bradley safety switches
On/Off Lockout/Tagout switch

Knife/Plate size: 56"
Capacity: +/- 220 lbs/min (with 1/8" plate)
Hopper: +/- 500 lbs mixing capacity (fresh, flaked, tempered meat)

Electrical: 460V / 60 Hz / 3 Ø

Total Horse Power: 35 HP
Grinder motor: 25 HP
Mixer motor: 5 HP
Conveyor screw motor: 5 HP

O/A dims.: +/- 76 L x 34 W x 72 - 78" H
Mixer tub dim.: +/- 60 L x 36 W x 31" D

One grinding plate and knife determined by the customer at the time of purchase
Adjustable legs
Spurt guard
Spanner wrench
Parts list and instruction manual

Net weight: +/- 1775 lbs (805 kg)

Additional grinding plates and knives
Bone collector system
Voltage change to 230V
MPBS buggy lift for loading the mixer-grinder
400 lbs Stainless steel buggy
Grated lid cover
Various hoppers
Conveyor for easy loading
Platform steps for operator to hand load machine